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Andyle has been breeding coloured sheep for over twenty years.

The coloured flock consists of Merinos (Moorits - Brown), Polwarths and Corriedales. A commercial white Merino flock and crops of wheat and barley complete the farm scene.

Shearing is normally done in the southern spring during October or November, prior to the grass seed set. All sheep are coated for cleaner wool and to minimise the need for combing. Our aim is to provide clean quality fleeces.

All our fleeces are bagged individually. The skirting preparation is thorough, with a great deal of time being spent pursuing the best quality.

Our farm is located at Staughton Vale, Victoria, at the foothills of the Brisbane Ranges, between Geelong and Bacchus Marsh.

Andrew is a Professional Woolclasser, while his wife Cheryle is an Owner Woolclasser.

Andyle can be found at various Market Days within Victoria, Australian.

Products Available:
Coloured Fleece
Coloured Wool Tops
Felt Booties & Slippers
Landscape Dyes

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